My encounter with a Millionaire

Posted: April 16, 2009 by Afyanet Africa in Humour
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Adapted from the works of a-known-e-mass

My year 2009 started with a cold that had threatened to persist for the better part of the year. It did not seem like the kind of thing that leads a man (and/or woman) to anything great. But this one did lead me to an encounter with a millionaire and relationship that threatens to persist.

It all started on a day when the cold seemed particularly nasty. I therefore decided to put aside my day’s activity and visit a doctor. It was thus that I found myself in the general upperhill area in a building that boasts of the full spectrum of the medical practice. I was directed to a doctor on one of the floors at the reception and proceeded to the lifts.

It was then that an idea, which was to lead me to my new encounter and leave me considerably poorer, hit me. I figured that since there were dentists in that building, and I was there, and had a tooth whose filling was slightly chipped…..I could visit one. I was directed by the same receptionist to a dentist on the same floor as ‘my’ doctor. That is how I found myself in the waiting room of a particular dentist and soon had one of my closest encounters with a millionaire.

It took me about ten minutes from the start of my conversation with this doctor to realise that I was in the presence of a ‘mwenyenchi’. The first hint was when the doc ‘confirmed’ with me of my knowledge of a Kshs. 11,000 limit in my insurance dental cover. The second came after I had allowed myself to be examined and had two x-rays of my dental make up taken. It is at this point that I was politely informed that my first 1000 bob had already been taken up on ‘consulting’ the second and third had gone the x-ray way.

I was then given the way forward which was to include a 4,500 filling, 12,000 posting and a 35,000 clown (the figures, in case you are wondering are all (in) Kenyan, yes Kenyan shillings). At this stage, I was asked to confirm that this is how I wanted to proceed. I was advised that the filling for one tooth and the posting for another were urgent but the clown could be deferred for a while. This advice was of course prompted by the look of total awe that the good doctor must have seen on my eyes as my brain tried to believe what my ears were hearing about my teeth.

Well, at that point I asked for some time to visit an ATM as ‘I do not like debt’. In reality however, I needed to go out of that building and confirm that the Kenyan shilling had not suddenly (but not unexpectedly) gone the way of the Zim dollar. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I did go back later for what I considered to be the ‘critical’ procedures. This has meant that in the last few days I have paid out enough money to buy at least 3 goats or suits (for the sake of the rural and urban folk respectively). But more importantly, I can say that I now have a personal relationship with a millionaire.

With the benefit of hind sight, I now think I should have listened to my father and done dental surgery. I guess I should also let you know that it is possible to have a cold cured by financial shock therapy (I never did see the other doctor that day, but I healed).

PS. Though expensive, the equipment and attention received at the dentist’s are something to look forward to.

  1. Shirley says:

    Funny!!I too should have been a dentist but then again I have this phobia for them!!

  2. John says:


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