An experience in the hands of a rogue medic

Posted: June 16, 2009 by Afyanet Africa in Medical News
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The experience below is from a Kenyan Lady who is among a growing number of persons with complaints against the medical fraternity.


My name is Jane and I have an experience of medical malpractice or is it lack of proper knowledge or ignorance … I don’t know where to put it….

One day I went to one of the hospitals under the Red Crescent because my stomach had been giving me problems. In the clinic, I was asked how I was feeling, after explaining my symptoms, a blood test was done and I was diagonised as suffering from typhoid and Brucellosis.

I was given a lot of medication and also had to go for 13 daily injections for the brucellosis. On the eleventh day of the injections,  i woke up in the morning with my eyes sore and very red in color. I decided to go back to the clinic and to the person who treated me and who I up to date doubt was a doctor. The medic gave me an injection and told me not to use the medication he had given me and then he gave me some eye drops. I didn’t know i was having a drug reaction at that time because he did not mention it to me. The next morning, I awoke with my eyes in much more pain and with a swollen mouth. My mouth also felt like I had developed wounds inside not only on my tongue but also on the lining of my cheeks.  My whole face also felt swollen and was in so much pain that I could not even drink water. This was because my lips were swollen and the skin was peeling.

I was taken to Kenyatta National hospital in the evening by which time I could not even walk properly nor hold anything with my hands which had developed black spots on the palms. The spots had also appeared on soles of my feet and on other areas all over my body.

At Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) I was admitted immediately,and was informed that I had a drug reaction. By the following morning, I was so weak that when they wanted to carryout more tests on me I passed out and had to be put on a drip as I could barely eat. At KNH laboratory tests were carried out on me again. The results showed that i did not have brucellosis. I was also advised that there is no way that the two diseases (brucellosis and typhoid) could be treated at the same time.

I was hospitalized for one and a half weeks and even on the time of discharge, my lips had no skin and I had dark spots on my face, neck and back. My skin complexion had also become so light yet I have always had a dark complexion. My siblings even nick named me ‘Cheater’ due to the marks and in an effort to cheer me up. It took me about a month for the wounds on my lips to heal and all this time I had to endure great pain and had to eat mashed food through a straw.

All this happened in the year 2005 when I was a 3rd year university student and was about to do my exams. I had to motivate myself to do them and so had to tell myself that I had to heal for the sake of sitting the exams.

I remember being in ward seven in KNH and because my case was rare most medical students were brought to my ward to be taught on my condition, and from their discussions with their lecturers (Doctor’s) i came to learn a lot.

To date, I still have some of the marks which only fade away very slowly and I have been told by dermatologists that they will persist for a while as skin takes time to get replaced. I am happy I did not go blind because my eyes had scars on the eyelids the optician saw them and told me that I was very lucky to have retained my sight. My sight is however still as good as ever unfortunately due to the drug reaction, my immunity system was affected and I am prone to lots of eye infections. My lip on the right side also got affected as it healed and I now have some sort of deformity which might need some slight corrective surgery one day.

I am well now and few people know what I went through except my classmates at campus and others who saw me at the time. Some people thought I had burnt my lips and it was a horrible time in my life. I however  I thank God that am alive to share this story with especially the medics who I wish to ask that they note that our bodies are not dummies and they could easily kill us. The shocking thing is the guy who treated me disappeared and up to date I have never seen him. But I forgave him and that’s what is most important to me.

I hope you learn something


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