Of swines, a Flu, Politicians and a clergyman

Posted: August 17, 2009 by Afyanet Africa in Humour
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By Luchiri Omoto

Heeee!! Heee!!

Heeee!! Heee!!

News from my rural gutter sources say that a Member of Parliament is embroiled in a tussle and war of words with a local renown Pastor. Bone of contention being the H1N1 Flu.

The Member of Parliament who has been conducting rallies sort to pacify his constituents, since rumours about the flu were spreading much faster than the disease itself.

It is reported that the MP had reassured residents they didn’t have to worry because he would take care of the ‘Swine flu;’ ridding of the flu and leaving villagers with the ‘Swine; which they could either sell for a handsome return to the butchers or rare till Xmass for a feast.

Trouble brewed when the MP accused the Clergyman of engaging in subversions that were aimed at undermining him. He accuses the Clergyman of driving hordes of Swine over a cliff and into a river.A good number being swine he’d separated from the flu.

In his defence the clergyman says he sees nothing wrong since he was doing nothing out of his jurisdiction only out of the ordinary: And that, those who sort his divine help came willingly(after a scary sermon he’d delivered Titled: Swines and Demons). He also added that the Swines were responsible for the ‘Flu’.
Quoting extensively from chapters and verses he sort to prove that it was not the first time swines were being sent over a cliff and into a river.

The clergy who is said to be eying ‘a Parliamentary’ seat has also accused the MP of being responsible for the numerous ‘other’ sanctuaries popping up all over.Splitting his ‘sheep into numerous flocks’ and curtailing ‘planting of seeds’ crucial for spiritual, physical and developmental growth.

In response the MP categorically denied anything to do with such maneuvers, though he thought it appropriate that a growing population should have services ‘brought closer’to the people.

  1. John says:

    Or vaccinate the politicians

  2. John says:

    Tirus, I think the bigger calamity here are the politicians and not the flu

  3. Tirus says:

    Omoto; That’s a good one it goes to show that humor can sprout from any calamity or pandemic as in this case of swine flu””

    Keep them coming man…..

  4. Another option is vaccination of birds against the bird flu virus. Black Economic Empowerment

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