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Posted: March 8, 2010 by aknownemass in Politics
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Since Kenyans appear to have found a brand new use for the Placenta, we have done some research and here below is an article from the Hip-Chick-Pregnancy Guide on some other uses of the placenta.

Rituals and Uses of the Placenta After Birth

The placenta serves to nourish our babies before they are born, as well as forming a barrier to filter out substances that can be harmful to the unborn child. For the medical establishment, the placenta‘s job is done once birth has begun, and the organ that provided life for the child in the womb is to be discarded. However, for many cultures and some modern women, there are rituals surrounding the placenta that should be observed. These rituals vary, and can include consumption of all or part of the placenta, ceremonial burial of the organ, naming of the placenta, hanging it in a tree for consumption by scavengers, and making a print of the placenta as a reminder of its function.

Eating the Placenta

There is some anecdotal evidence that consumption of the placenta, either cooked, dried, or as part of a broth, can help prevent or ameliorate post partum depression. A number of cultures, including natives in Papua New Guinea and women in Vietnam and China prepare and consume the placenta, as do some animals, lending credence to this theory. Chemicals in the placenta may have the ability to repair some of the hormonal imbalances that occur due to childbirth, but they are probably not a complete remedy for all the effects that are referred to as PPD.

Burying the Placenta

Placenta burial is common among even more cultures. In a number of places, such as Kenya, Malaysia, and Nigeria, the placenta is considered the baby’s twin, or thought to have its own spirit, and is buried with the appropriate rites. In Mexico, Nepal, and New Zealand, the placenta is honored as the companion or friend of the baby, and is placed in the earth reverently, but is not thought to have a spirit of its own. Specific burial rites vary by culture, and in some, the placenta will be placed high up, such as in a tree, instead of being buried in the ground. In modern Western culture, placenta burial is usually highly personal. It may be based of off the rituals of other cultures, or on the perception of those rituals, but will probably be altered depending on the individual’s preference. It can be planted at the base of a tree or bush, for instance. Some mothers choose to get a special plant for each placenta they bury. Generally, if any time needs to elapse between the birth and the burial of the placenta, it is frozen until the time comes. Since the placenta is very nourishing, it will help the plant above it grow as it decomposes, returning to the earth. It may also be placed in its own container and buried with a marker.

Other Uses of the Placenta

Some people choose not to keep the placenta itself, or to engage in other rituals in addition to the burial or consumption of it. Making prints of the placenta, using either the blood that covers it or ink and paint, are not uncommon. Art done with a related substance – the amniotic membrane – has also been made. These are ways to have a keepsake of the pregnancy that reminds us of our connection with the earth. The placenta can be disposed of, buried, or consumed (provided no paint or ink was used) afterward, as the mother chooses.

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  2. BILLY MAGANJO says:

    I am interested in finding out more about the Placenta Party of Kenya and become its link person in Kirinyaga County where I intend to run for a parliamentary seat in 2012.Iam a great admirer of Joseph Hellon whom I have only met in the media.Please respond.Thanks.

  3. The East African says:

    A randy cabinet minister has been blamed for the tribulations afflicting members of the Finger of God and party officials of the Placenta party, Weekly Citizen has established. A source close to Quincy and Esther(is a top senior NSIS official with the PM’s brigade), and who spoke on condition of anonymity told Weekly Citizen that a cabinet minister who had developed an interest in the TV anchor, and who was grossly agitated that she had turned down his advances prompted the immigration troubles Esther’s new husband has been going through. According to the source, the cabinet minister is said to have even issued instructions that Quincy disown Esther in exchange for the withdrawal of a case and his freedom.

    The minister from Nyanza had banked on the possible deportation of Quincy Timberlake for his mission to be complete only to be disappointed when the case dragged on in the courts. He is then said to have introduced politics and sought the intervention of some higher political authority after which the church was branded a sect, their house raided and family members arrested. The group members were later taken to court after efforts to isolate Esther from the rest of the members became fruitless. The plot even involved prevailing upon the parents of the TV anchor and her close associates to put pressure on her to relent. The cabinet minister is a known philanderer with concubines and mistresses cutting across both the political and tribal barriers.

    Weekly Citizen which has been conducting its own investigations discovered that Timberlake is a Luo originating from Rongo District. It also met and talked to Timberlake’s part of family including his mother.
    Another case in court is one which the government is charging Timberlake of importing lots of cars and money for political purposes from a powerful wealthy American businessman Matthew Perrot who has since bought him a helicopter for 2012 politics. Perrot is a brother to billionaire businessman Ross Perrot who ran for White House twice. Former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin also confirmed to Weekly Citizen that she had already invited Deputy Presidential candidate Esther Timberlake to her Wasilla home in Alaska, she also promised to support her political campaign finances come 2011.
    Kenyans should know that Timberlakes’ were victimised by PM Raila Odinga and his cronies while he actually is a registered Kenyan by birth and the State should release his £ 647,890.75 which they froze earlier this year.

    Another case in which the finger of God church is accused of operating as a religious cult failed to proceed on Thursday last week after it emerged that the Attorney general had requested the case file for review. The finger of god trio of Esther Arunga, Quincy Timberlake and Hellon Joseph had been accused of holding illegal religious proceedings at a house in Runda, allegations the group has since denied. The group has ever maintained that they congregate under a registered church. Another case that was put forward was one in which the government is contesting the citizenship of a member of the Finger of God church and Placenta Party chairman, Quincy Timberlake. Timberlake’s citizenship became a matter of national concern early this year when news broke of her relationship with former TV anchor, Esther Arunga. The two have since married.

    The Finger of God members, who also double as the leading lights in the Placenta Party have lately been in the news as a party to the formation of a new post referendum outfit, the Reds Conservative party. According to a source close to the Reds movement, plans are already afoot to embark on a countrywide series of harmonisation rallies beginning with Tononoka in Mombasa on a date to be announced soon. A source close to the deputy ODM party leader and minister for higher education William Ruto confirmed that the de facto leader of the Reds brigade held talks with members of the Placenta party, although the details of the meeting have remained under lock and key. Others who are alleged to have met the group include the Vice President and ODM-Kenya party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and two other cabinet ministers in the Yes camp who have requested to remain anonymous in the meantime.

    Although the agenda of their meetings is not known yet, multiple sources close to both parties have indicated that in spite of the name Placenta party, the group could be useful in harnessing the youth ahead of 2012. Before the group came to the controversial limelight early this year, the Finger of God had already managed to bring together leading artistes in the country, with Hellon already acting as chaplain and spiritual adviser to a leading media group. Very many big names in the entertainment industry featured along with the news of the Finger of God with the members admitting that they are indeed in command of a huge chunk of the youth of this country away from the media and entertainment. The Placenta party leaders claim to be in command of close to 12.8 million youth between the age bracket of 18 and 45 with the majority being in the Rift Valley.

    The trio has also dismissed media speculation that they could be running broke, saying that every company has a right to advertise its goods and services. A columnist in a local paper had wondered whether their quest for entertainment clients was a sign that they were running under. They cited the many bill boards posted by big companies even when they are making billions of shillings in profits. “Those who said that should have attended our court session to hear the prosecution asking where we got the money to import the four Range rovers they impounded,” they said, adding that it is only recently that Quincy completed paying the installments for a Ksh76 million home for Esther in Kitisuru. The group called on all talented youth to take advantage of their prowess and further themselves beyond the bounds of evil speculation propagated by the media.

    Imenti Central MP Hon Gitobu Imanyara has threatened to bring back the Finger of God motion in parliament. He’s demanding that Internal Security Prof George Saitoti respond to his February question on why the followers were arrested, how and a proof of warrants of arrested to tabled in the house.Imenti Central MP raised the issue in Parliament and demanded that the Internal Security Ministry issue a statement on the regulation of churches in the country and which Act in the parliament permitted State to call a church cult. He’s to begin working for Finger of God as their attorney for the remainder of their case in court.

    Gitobu further demands clarity the circumstances under which the police arrested Arunga and church founder Hellon. He warned that this could be fatal to government’s implementation of the new constitution as per unlawful society issue is concerned.

    He’s demanded also that Attorney General Amos Wako to explain why he was delaying declaring the Finger of God ‘nolle prosequi’. At a press conference, Wako said a declaration on the Finger of God church will be issued next before Nov 4th, 2010. He was responding to a question from Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara who wanted to know why the church which the State discovered wasn’t a cult or a sect was still hanging in court through several irrelevant cases. He admitted it’s his office which confirmed the church was a registered society and apologized for any harassment his office might have involved against the society.

  4. P Kimani says:

    The Finger of God Church, whose members are associated with the Placenta party, is in the process of acquiring a helicopter for use in their political campaigns ahead of 2012, East African Standard has since established. We have also authoritatively established that the leading Placenta party members have been meeting top government and political leaders with a view of charting a political way forward after the referendum. The placenta party officials, Joseph Hellon, Quincy Timberlake and his wife Esther were last week spotted at Suswa and Kapkatet where former president Daniel arap Moi, Higher education minister William Ruto and other top voices held ‘NO’ rallies that was interrupted by hired youths. A source at the meeting divulged that the former president may have briefly met members of the Finger of God group, although, according to an inside source, Esther and her group are scheduled to meet the former head of state on Thursday this week.

    The chopper, a used Rolls Royce of the XI- Stealth Series, comes in the wake of media reports as Timberlake unveiled a 76 million house he acquired in Kitisuru, an upper end residential suburb in Westlands, which he paid for in 28 months. Reports emerging show that Timberlake only completed the transfer of the title from one Viraj Sahil Chakraborty. Chakraborty is an Asian real estate manager and pharmacist known in East Africa. The chopper is an old used equipment which was already stalled for a company’s antiques. It could not fly around May but has since been serviced by Columbia Helicopters Inc. This is the reason why top people from the ‘NO’ side are so close to the Placenta trio. Others who were spotted greeting the trio are Nazlin Umar, Gideon Moi, Linah Jebii Kilimo, Samuel Poghisio and of course VP Kalonzo Musyoka who has since invited them for a political meeting at Jogoo ‘A’ House.

    The chopper was bought from Mathew Perrot in Texas. Perrot is a brother of billionaire Ross Perrot who independently ran twice for the American presidency. According to investigations by East African Standard, the group has secretly been meeting leading members of the ‘NO’ team. On Thursday last week, the trio was seen at the Serena Hotel where another group of top “NO” strategists were holding a consultative meeting after the Suswa episode. There are plans to reinstate Timberlake as the secretary-general of the Red Movement after the referendum on August 4th. ‘NO’ side shall adopt the name Red Revolution Movement to proceed a scorching political storm against the State.

    Quincy Timberlake, who was once in the news over his involvement with former TV icon Esther Arunga (now Mrs Timberlake) and the Finger of God Church, has already declared interest in the Langata parliamentary seat in Nairobi where he will be facing the incumbent, PM Raila Odinga and his arc rival Stanley Livondo. According to a close aide who confided in East African Standard, plans are already underway to construct 600 portable toilet units across Kibera under the auspices of Shramic Sanitation Systems of India. He also hopes to improve on the already existing systems of mitigation against TB and HIV/AIDs with Vodap.

    Meanwhile, Timberlake has also convinced his wife Esther to withdraw charges against her parents. This is for a goodwill and preparation for blessings from his parents-in-law. Esther’s mother met Quincy last week where they had a great laughter conversation. She had sued her parents for infringing on her rights and putting her through sedation in a psychiatrist hospital. She’s now planning to sue Dr Frank Njenga in a Ksh15M lawsuit.

    The Timberlake’s’ home has a Jacuzzi, sauna, a modern gym, casino, home pub, DSTV room, games, state of the art dining room and art gallery.

    Timberlake said he bought the house as a souvenir to his wife for standing up to him while in jail and expressing her real love in hard ‘apostasy’ times.

    Reports are merging that Timberlake has also acquired the latest 2010 Ranger Rover series all in the name of politics across the country in preparedness for 2012 whether ‘NO’ carries the day or looses at referendum.

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