Are genes to blame?

Posted: June 7, 2011 by aknownemass in Medical News
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There is an ongoing debate as to whether homosexuality is genetic or not. I do not know the answer. However going through literature, I found that there are very many things that have been blamed on genetics. One argument that I found interesting was on crime. Are people born criminals or are they made? See below the viewpoint of science students as reported in

Genetics is the most argued point of criminology today. Some believe that genetics cause people to commit crimes. Research has been undertaken to find out if a certain chromosome combination will automatically make you a criminal or not. If this is true then you should be able to find out if your child will be a criminal even before they are born. Here are some outcomes of the geneticist and their lab studies :

One of the most used theories of why criminals commit crimes is that the person’s ability to commit crime is pre-determined. If that is so, then criminals have no choice over what they do. Some of the genetic abnormalities that would make someone pre-determined would be the XYY chromosomal structure (Not effective in women, just men). A chromosomal test in prisons had an outcome of 27Y, which means most of the prisoners had that many Y chromosomes. This is a chemical imbalance with its causes in genetics.

These theories have been tested on people in prison and have seem to have a high outcome. The “criminal disease” could be caused by a recessive gene passed down from one or both of the parents.

Does the Enviroment Control Crime?

If genetics doesn’t control crime what does? Most of the criminologists today still believe the same thing that was thought when we first started to look into crime. It’s the environment and nothing else. Genetics has no play, because if you are never introduced to a life of crime you won’t know what crime is, and will therefore not commit crime, but if you grow up in a house of crime, then you are going to commit crime due to the fact that all you know is crime.

So what do you think?


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