About Afyanet Africa



Afyanet Africa limited aims to provide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to health care enterprises and practitioners. In an increasingly computerized and technology-oriented environment; it is the company’s major objective to deliver high quality service and to continuously invent customised solutions for our clients.


It is also the company’s aim to act as the principal link between the medical fraternity and the fast growing ICT sector in Kenya and eventually in the rest of Africa. This is mainly through our website which is to offer an online networking platform for medics and their clientele.


We at Afyanet aim to tailor solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. And to introduce and keep our clients in the medical field well informed and updated on the various ICT products that they stand to benefit from.



Our vision is to be the Market Leaders and first point of reference in the Provision of Reliable and Modern Technological Based Solutions, In the Health sector & related Fields in Eastern Africa.


Our mission is to provide the medical field with Competitive, Efficient, Practical and State-of- the-Art-Scientific Solutions to their challenges. We are undertaking to reduce the cost of running medical institutions, improve their business and network medical and ICT institutions. We aim to also develop innovative products that will also improve the general public access to the health sector.



Our intention in Afyanet is to bring together the diverse and scattered talent in both medical management and software development. We intend to facilitate this union that will develop and tailor make a wide range of ICT products and forums. We intend to use our expertise and leadership to guide the new cooperation that will then be responsible for the ultimate move of the medical sector to the ICT age.


Please feel free to contact us for more information conserning our activities via the following addresses:


P.O. BOX 101136-00101,

Attn:  Managing Director


website: www.afyanet.co.ke

Electronic Mail: info@afyanet.co.ke

Mobile: +254 723 885 209

  1. sophie says:

    Afyanet Africa blog email request

  2. We look foward to working with you here in America. We are a research and clinical trial non-profit. Our fields of medical is anti-oxidation nutrition and anti-aging hydration with living-organic water.

    Please call me as soon as possible @ 662-719-6817

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