What We Do?

This is us

Afyanet Africa limited (Afyanet) is a young company that was established in the year 2007. In founding the company, the founding directors of Afyanet, were driven by a need to establish a link between the health and ICT sectors in Kenya and in Africa. At the time, the founders had between them, experience and training in medical research, engineering and ICT. They therefore decided to set up a company that would allow them to use their knowledge to offer innovative solutions in healthcare. That is how the company that aims to offer ‘Innovative solutions that inspire’ came into being.

As with most start-ups, the founders then did not have much apart from their ideas and dreams.  The company therefore had a slow start and for a year or so, it dabbled in various areas in the healthcare industry. The ‘slow start’ however turned out to not have been ‘such a bad thing’, as in this period the company tried out its hand in a variety of areas within the Medico-ICT world. Within this period, we offered internet marketing services, designed websites and web-based applications for our clients, offered recruitment services, organised medical networking events and all in all gathered a lot of experience on how to do and how not do things.

We have however of late matured to a focused company that is now set to be a leader and trail blazer in the areas of e-Health, m-Health and Medical data research, dissemination and analysis. This, we have and continue to achieve by making significant investments into the company and in forging partnerships with both the public and private players in the medical and ICT sectors. The growth of the ICT sector in Kenya has also helped as it has meant that we now have a bigger selection of solutions that we can adapt and offer to the healthcare sector. We are in particular very keen to engage and work with the new, techno savvy generation that the ICT revolution is churning out.

Afyanet can also now boast of having experts in the two areas that we operate in. In the healthcare industry, the Afyanet board can boast of two medical doctors and two renowned medical researchers. The ICT sector is very competently represented in the board by two ICT experts one of whom is a software engineer who also doubles up as the MD of one of the biggest local software engineering firms in Kenya and the other a double ICT and medical graduate. The board also has a finance expert and a member with several years experience in the management of an international health based facility.

In short, Afyanet Africa Limited has grown to a company that will be counted among the leaders of the health revolution in Kenya and Africa. We today have the resources and linkages that allow us to advice on, formulate, implement or direct the use of ICT in healthcare. So be you an ordinary citizen, a healthcare provider, supplier, insurer or learning institution, please get in touch with us, and we promise to inspire you.

For more information of our offerings, please visit us at www.afyanet.co.ke

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    ITS Good idea

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