Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers (AKMLSO)

AKMLSO is a registered professional body founded in 1964. It is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that represents all medical laboratory scientific officers throughout Kenya for the overall development of medical laboratory science.
Ensuring excellence in medical laboratory practice in the Republic of Kenya and beyond.

Mission Statement
To advance and maintain high standards of medical laboratory services by adhering to strict professional practice.

The Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers (AKMLSO) is a representative professional organization that was established to promote and protect the interests of Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers in Kenya .

Founded in 1964, AKMLSO represents two cadres of members in the medical laboratory profession – Medical Laboratory Technicians (Certificate holders) and Medical Laboratory Technologists (Diploma, Higher Diploma and Degree holders).

To unite Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers.
To foster closer relations between its members and other health providers.
To cater for, and promote the professional and social welfare of its members.


Before the formation of AKMLSO, the medical laboratory profession was faced with various challenges. For a long time, the profession did not have an umbrella organization to articulate their professional and social interests. At the same time, their role in healthcare provision was not recognized as a professional service. The non-existence of a professional development structure also largely contributed to undermining the delivery of medical laboratory services.

Nevertheless, committed to upholding professional ethics, members of the profession came together to form AKMLSO, the Association that has grown to become the recognized representative of Kenya ‘s medical laboratory professionals. In 1999, the Association agitated for the enhancement of Act No.10 that led to the establishment of Kenya Medical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians Board (KMLTTB), a medical laboratory profession regulatory body.
AKMLSO recognizes that medical laboratory professionals have the responsibility to contribute to the provision of quality health care services.
In this regard, the Association initiates timely discussions with relevant bodies, including KMLTTB, to bring about desirable professional changes and ensure that professional demands are taken into account in national policy making.

Furthermore, the Association establishes collaborative working relationships with other health care professionals and regulatory bodies, the Ministry of Health and health research institutions to undertake health care programmes and activities that benefit the practitioners and the public.

To promote excellence in medical laboratory practice, the Association has initiated The White Microscope Award which is aimed at recognizing the best-run Medical Laboratories countrywide. It is awarded on World Laboratory Day, commemorated every year on April 15.
AKMLSO further contributes to the advancement of the profession by improving the profession’s body of knowledge and by seeking fair socio-economic working conditions for its members.


AKMLSO is governed by its members through the Annual Delegates Meeting (ADM). ADM consists of representatives from all AKMLSO branches. However, the overall administration of AKMLSO affairs are run by the National Executive Committee (NEC).


AKMLSO Head Office
Golf Course Commercial Centre, 4th Floor, Room 4.8
Next to Kenyatta Market (off Mbagathi Way Road)
P.O Box 55233 – 00200 ( City Square ), Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 – 20 – 2723162, 0720 427971, 0735 778353
Fax: +254 – 20 -2723162
Email: info@akmlso.or.ke/akmlso@yahoo.com
Website: www.akmlso.or.ke

  1. Bernard Wanjala Wanyonyi says:

    May I be informed of the proceeds of AKMLSO. Frequently. prospective member

  2. MULLA says:

    Right now KMPDU is fighting for salary increment and better working conditions for its members.yet you been slumbering for a decade when we (LAB PROFESSIONALS) are being mistreated everywhere in hospitals and even our own regulatory board of course (KMLTTB) under your watch..You should get out there and do your job as stipulated and stop…

  3. MULLA says:

    This is a fake unresponsible body..with nothing to offer on the grivances of med lab professionals

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