Nursing Council of Kenya

Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) is a statutory body of the Ministry of Health established under an Act of Parliament (The Nurses Act) Cap. 257 of the Laws of Kenya to make provision for the training, registration, enrolment and licensing of nurses; to regulate their conduct and to ensure their maximum participation in the health care of community and for connected purposes.



Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) established under The Nurses Act Cap. 257 of the Laws of Kenya is mandated to make provision for the training, registration, enrolment and licensing of nurses; to regulate their conduct and to ensure their maximum participation in the health care of community and for connected purposes.



The Vision is the strategic intent; the desired future state of the organization. The leadership and management of NCK are committed to the creation of a successful organization. The defining character of NCK is quality service delivery.

The vision of NCK has, therefore, been articulated as: The Nursing council of Kenya is committed to the provision of world class nursing education and practice.



Mission is the over-riding reason for the existence of any organization. The evolution of NCK as a regulatory institution has been guided by the mandate as spelt out in Cap. 257. The mission seeks to create the meaning of the organization in the environment.

It answers to the question: what business are we in?

The agreed mission of NCK is: To ensure the provision of quality nurses training and maintenance of professional nursing practice through appropriate regulations.



A strong commitment to superior customer service. Customer service excellence will be pursued in all areas of NCK’s operation.


Commitment to transparency and accountability in the leadership and management of NCK. The board and management will strive to integrate good corporate governance at all levels of the organization. Transparency and accountability will generate staff commitment to organizational success and will be the basis of interaction between NCK, the customers, stakeholders and the society at large.

Adherence to competence and performance. Human resource competence will be enhanced through structured programmes of human resource development. Compensation policies will reward superior performance. Opportunities will be provided for staff to develop potential in their given areas of interest and that of NCK.


Commitment to public policy and ethics. Ethics and integrity are central to the success of the organization. Ethics must extend beyond the organization into the wider society. NCK will adhere to public policy that promotes the welfare of society.


Belief in equality of all human beings irrespective of their social standing. Service provision will be undertaken in fairness and equality to all.




The National Nurses Association of Kenya is registered by the Registrar of Societies under Cap 108 of the Laws of Kenya.


– Nurses Believe: –

In the dignity, equality and individuality of man

In the welfare of the nurses


  • That NNAK must promote and broaden nursing education and maintain high standards of nursing practice.


  • That NNAK has a responsibility to act on behalf of nurses in regardto promotion of appropriate conditions of employment e.g. salaries,pension and related matters.

 That all people have a right to quality health care regardless of race,

creed, ethnic background, social status, political convictions, age, sex

and colour.


  • That all individuals, families and communities should be involved in the management of their health

 That the needs of a person are complex to be met by a single profession.


Contacts of interest:


National Nurses Association of Kenya

PO Box 49422

Nairobi, Kenya

Tel.: +254 20 272 8933/2

Fax: +254 20 341 883




  1. kiayai says:

    please NNAK should cease on labour issues and respect KPNA. With our KNUN. THATS WHY BOARD ELECTIONS WERE RIGGED

  2. mary says:

    Hi am upgrading in a particular campus and have not got my new index number which we applied in the university last year October,how do i get it? please help

  3. Maseme says:

    Hi, recently i applied for an nck management trainee vacancy as advertised on on 28 may 2015…i got an email frm instructng payment of 1900 for interview, seekng clarification frm u coz am taking it 2 be conmen.

  4. Nyakambah Nyatigoh says:

    Its time we saw Nurses in the Private Sector also recognized for their input. Have never read a name of a Nurse in the Private sector to have been awarded, except those in government hospitals and Nairobi ares; then one wonders whether those working in Ijara, Mandera or Kapedo have done nothing to be celebrated.

  5. George kiragu says:

    do the nursing council of kenya restrict radio and t.v. sets among students in nursing schools….

  6. omoga z collins ochung says:

    result 68564k. 812

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