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Even as we contemplate the effects of the Mututho bill, we thought you should know that:

According to, a hangover is a condition which is a result of the consumption of an excessively large amount of alcohol. But in reality a hangover is more like a withdrawal from alcohol for a short time period. A lot of experts state that some of the ingredients which are present in alcohol cause the hangover. The ingredients which are present in alcohol are known as congeners.

During the ancient times, people used a combination containing myrrh and the beaks of birds which had been grounded to a fine paste, in order to treat a hangover. But most people feel that a similar combination cannot be used in the modern times in order to treat a hangover. Liquor which is light like vodka and gin should be consumed instead of heavy and dark liquors like whiskey and brandy. All kinds of alcoholic beverages which contain chemicals should be avoided since they will cause a very sever hangover. The worst hangover will usually be caused by the consumption of red wine. A lot of people are also likely to become very angry and depressed after they have consumed a large amount of alcohol. on its part advices that while most hangovers disappear naturally after between eight and twenty-four hours, there are several remedies . These including drinking water to hydrate the body. Since alcohol causes the blood sugar to fall, foods that boost blood sugar are recommended. Foods that restore lost potassium and salts as well those containing fructose (which assists in burning the alcohol faster) would be helpful too.

Over the counter pain relievers can ease the unpleasantness but aspirin and Tylenol are to be avoided; aspirin irritates the stomach while Tylenol can cause liver damage. Taking more alcohol as a remedy is foolish since this only postpones the misery. Coffee is also not a good remedy since it is also a diuretic.

Prevention is always better than cure though. Before engaging in drinking alcohol one should take fatty foods to prevent the irritating effects alcohol has on the stomach. Milk also protects the stomach lining besides slowing the absorption of alcohol. Another preventive measures is taking water and non-fizzy soft drinks while imbibing to hydrate the body.

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With the recent legalization of Changaa and other traditional brews, we thought you should know that:

  • according to an answer in, Ethanol  will not make you blind unless you drink so much that you get brain damage that ultimately causes you to go blind. Methanol or methyl alcohol which is the alcohol obtained from wood will cause blindness because it depletes the enzymes that work in the retina and therefore burning the nerves in the eye that then causes blindness.
  • A study  conducted by researchers from the American Cancer Society, the World Health Organization, and Oxford University, and that followed a group of 490,000 people over a nine-year period,   found that, compared to teetotalers, subjects who had a drink a day were 30 to 40 percent less likely to die of cardiovascular diseases. Their overall death rate was 20 percent lower.
  • At midnight on January 16, 1920 in the USA, the Eighteenth Amendment took effect that prohibited the manufacture, sale, transportation, import, or export of intoxicating liquor.  Intoxicating liqour was defined by the Volstead Act as any beverage containing more 0.5% alcohol. The law was in effect for 13 years.
  • One glass of white wine has 85 calories, a gin and tonic 140 and a pint of beer can contain up to 300 calories and that alcohol inhibits leptin, the hormone that promotes a feeling of fullness.
  • According to wikipedia, in 2006, the total global revenues from Beer alone were US$294.5 billion. If this money was to be distributed to the approximately 6 billion people alive then, each man, woman and child alive would have received approx Kshs 3,920 or Kshs 23,520 for a family of six!
  • That in the year 2000, 32% of fatal accidents in the USA were associated with drivers with a drinking history
  • According to Wikipedia,  the Chzeck Republic had the highest per capita consumption rate of beer in 2004 at 156.9 litres per person i.e. more than 300 half little bottles per person,  Kenya does not rank in the top 34

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